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Stainless steel electric retractable door

Stainless steel electric retractable door

  • Stainless steel electric retractable door
  • Stainless steel electric retractable door
  • Stainless steel electric retractable door
Stainless steel electric retractable door
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: win Dragon Limited
Model Number: 9999
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $200-500
Packaging Details: Film packaging wooden outsourcing
Delivery Time: The 10 day
Supply Ability: 8888
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Detailed Product Description
High Light:

The security gate


Electric door


Sliding door

What is the electric telescopic door? In fact, it is a material made of zinc aluminum alloy high strength through automatic telescopic door control switch, its surface by electrophoresis process, bright color, color permanence. Then, structure of electric telescopic door which part?
An energy source component of electric door operator includes rotating or driving the small gear and a small gear and the opening and closing cycles in the opposite direction to the electric door. A gear sector is also provided parts, according to the small gear rotate in opposite direction of rotation. Electric retractable door gear sector is engageable with the pinion and gear drive can be small, rotating one to come to the small gear to rotate on and off in the direction of. Thermal protection device to provide a help control system braid don't is high current gate stroke at the beginning of the high current or at the end of the trip. In the initial period of time, time to peak in a few milliseconds range, at the conclusion of the campaign, this time is in the range of several hundred milliseconds, which will cause the heat effect can stimulate a bimetal switch. The electric door operator need not by mechanical force balance can be transmitted by two push rods in the direction opposite effects than the existing mode of much greater force, it has a component can be connected with the small gear and driven by the pinion, thereby it with the rotation of the pinion. And one of the direction of rotation of a shaft member has a first end and a second end. The end of the shaft member and the gear sector component are connected, the second end of the shaft member can be wall part and the chassis and the connection to the vehicle. Operating system from different angle of several different members in the organization view. Considering the electricity, when the motor is started, all the voltage is switched on. This will result in prior to the start of movement in the electric door produces a high current.
Now talk about electric retractable door to which facilitate people's life?
Electric retractable door is made of high quality stainless steel manufacture, beautiful appearance, convenient use, because the utility model adopts pin structure is made of nylon or plastic or other non metal pin sleeve is sheathed in the shaft, made of nylon or plastic or other non metallic materials with shockproof noise reduction effect of shaft sleeve, which can effectively prevent. The shaft pin and a telescopic rod direct friction vibration and noise. Electric retractable door to people the life brings a lot of convenience, play a security role, prevent some obstacle into building, in order to ensure the safety of the gates, the surface electric telescopic door of electrophoresis processing, with high toughness, impact resistance, these features anti distortion etc..
Electric retractable door can not only improve enterprise features, enhance corporate image, beautify the environment, but also improve the safety, at night with the destruction of any will immediately report to the police, is a be worthy of the name of "security"

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