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Strip break DDZ capture device for Belt Conveyor From dongda machinery

Strip break DDZ capture device for Belt Conveyor From dongda machinery

Strip break DDZ capture device for Belt Conveyor From dongda machinery

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Dongda
Certification: CE MA ISO

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Price: $100
Packaging Details: WOODEN CASE
Delivery Time: 15DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000
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Detailed Product Description

Strip break DDZ capture device for Belt Conveyor From dongda machinery

DDZ type belt conveyor with broken belt capture device (hereinafter referred to as the strip break catch) this product to fill the domestic blank, improve the performance of products, expand the scope of protection, widely used in mining, metallurgical, power, ports and other running on a conveyor belt protection. Especially suitable for large obliquity, large capacity, long hill strength type or ordinary belt conveyor. Breakage when the belt conveyor belt or non-return device fails, capture device can quickly capture tape strip break rupture or out of control after the sudden falling weight, empty section of the tape, and has the function of preventing belt running deviation .Card of role when needed.
Working principle:
Strip break protection at many points along the belt conveyor installations, when the normal operation of belt, one-way roller wheel with belt in central, around two wedge brake block is below the belt and do not contact with the belt, the brake block adjustment to the belt on both sides, and parallel to the belt longitudinal. When strip break happens, piece of quick turns into the upper belt slide gate wedge brake block continues, moving along the slot wedge will fall belt clamping between the brake on the brake block and wedge brake block.
1, Performance characteristics:
wedge self-locked brake belt, without external power
2, brake block and the belt surface contact, brake surface is big, does not hurt the belt
3, on the brake block can swing, can open, telescopic adjustable up and down
4, can according to the capacity, adjust the brake block at the top of the bolt, set on the length of the belt brake block and people five key components, galvanized processing, to prevent corrosion.
6, the installation of the monolithic support, strength, convenient installation.
7, can according to user requirements, equipped with the belt off alarm device.
Relevant parameters:
1, unilateral brake width (adjustable) : 100 ~ 150 mm
2, the rated power: 50 kn/sets
3, protection device failure load: p 100 kn
4, with sliding distance: 300 ~ 800 mm
The suitable operating mode:
1, the bandwidth is 650 ~ 2000 mm on the belt conveyor
2, rigid frame and hanging type belt conveyor
3, the Angle of belt conveyor: alpha p 6 °
4, groove type roller groove Angle: suitable for all kinds of groove Angle
1, during the inspection, adjustment and replacement parts, must stop, and cut off power supply.
2, broken belt capture device installed on the conveyor number, spacing should comply with the provisions of the table 1 and table 2, otherwise will not be able to guarantee reliable capture protection.
3, after the arrest should be paid attention to:
(1) capture strip break should be timely to deal with the belt after capture, don't make the belt and capture device for a long time to catch.
(2) the first check capture device with and without deformation, strip break the weld without welding, found that the problem timely replacement;At the same time should check whether all fasteners loose, and shall all be tighten again.
(3) check the friction plate assembly and non-return roller is flexible and reliable operation, no block phenomenon, cooperate with and without loose, if found the problem, it is forbidden to use, change in time

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