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Drop Arm Barrier (1)

Drop Arm Barrier (1)

  • Drop Arm Barrier (1)
Drop Arm Barrier (1)
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Brand Name: Rona
Model Number: RNCF6099
Production Capacity: 200
Category: Other Access Control Products
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: wooden case
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Detailed Product Description

Name: Drop arm barrier
Model: RNCF6099
RNCF6099 is a high-tech product which mainly provides intelligent management to passageway, and is the upgrade product of intelligent tripod turnstile and swing barrier. Like swing barrier, this product is finely processed with complete functions and high level, suitable for high-level neighborhoods, intelligent buildings, hotel, subway, port and club those high-level places.
This equipment is subtly integrated with machine, electronics, micro-processor control and ID identification, provides convenience for the use of card reader identification equipments, such as IC card, ID card, bar code and fingerprint. It can carry out intelligent control and management to the passageway through choosing various identification equipments and adopting fair, reliable security protection, alarming equipment and direction indicating equipments...
Classified into two kinds: Single motor (suitable for single passageway and multiple passageway. )
Double motors (suitable for multiple passageways)
2. Main functions and features
2.1 Functions and features of standard product.
1). Functions of breakdown self-checking and alarm warning, very convenient for maintenance and use.
2). Operation mode of equipments can be programmed by the little button inside the main board.
3). Double Anti-Pinch function from both machine structure and induction. Stops automatically if there is any block during its reposition, or electronic engine stops working in the default time. Will have its second return/reset (till it comes back to where it should be), and the force is very weak(less or equal to 2kg)
4). Sound and light alarming function: Including break-in and tag alone alarming.
5): Anti-rushing function: Without having received the signal of opening barrier (stick), the sticks lock automatically.
6): Synchronizing function of sticks
7): Automatic returning/resetting function: When the sticks open up, if people do not pass by within the time allowed, system will cancel the right of pass for this time. As for the standards, sticks reposition five seconds after its opening.
8): When the power is off, the access opens automatically, and closes automatically when the power is on.
9): Can be linked to many kinds of card reading equipments, and work with receiving electricity relay signal.
10). One-way and two-way in and out control
11). Distant control and management is available by directly operating computer.
2.2 Extensible functions
1) Counting function
2). Framework can be lengthened; Shape can be designed to your demands...
3. Main structure and layout
Two standard cases
Two sticks
Two main boards
Two transformers
Two electric engines
Two sets of cores and transmission parts
Three pairs of infrared
Two alarms (lights)
Two direction- indicating boards
4. Standard technical data
Dimension: Length 12000, height: 1000 MM
Length of stick: 300MM, optional range: 250-500MM
Weight: 90KG
Material of case: Domestic standard SUS (304#)
Power supply voltage: AC220± 10% V, 50Hz
Drive Motor: DC brushed motors (24V)
Input interface: Electricity relay switch signal or 12V level signal, or 12V pulse signal with whose pulse width >100ms, drive electricity >10mA
Normal service life: 3 million times
Communication interface: RS485
LED indicating lights: Two
Card-reading windows: Two
Inspection and repairing ports: Five
Transit speed: 30-40 people/ minutes
Closing and opening time of stick: 1 second
When electricity turns on, 3 seconds needed for it to enter into passing status...
When there is breakdown, 10 seconds needed for its automatic return/reset.
Working environment: Indoor, outdoor (shelter)
Temperature: -10— — 50º C
Relative humility: ≤ 90%, no-condensation
Remark: There is somewhat deviation between real products and sample pictures.

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